Meet the newest (and youngest) Pulte employees at our Southeast Florida division! Last month, Pam Wilhoit brought her adorable daughters Marli and Melanie to participate in ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’.“I have always worked in new construction and my daughters have always looked forward to coming to my job site,” said Wilhoit.  This year was special because it was their first time in a Pulte/DiVosta community, and was even more special because they were able to see how a brand new flagship community like DiVosta’s The Fields in South Florida is taking shape.”

From the field to the sales office, these kids got to experience all aspects of the community. Donning their own hardhats, they  enjoyed meeting and learning from our incredibly knowledgeable Field Managers and trade partners.

Then it was off to the sales office to be part of the CPRE, starting with performing pre-Welcome tasks with the team. They also had the chance to connect with our homeowners and follow up with them on how they are enjoying their new DiVosta home.

What was their favorite part of the day?

“Their favorite part was helping with what we affectionately call Operation Blue Bow. New homeowners are greeted with a beautiful bow on their door,” said Wilhoit. “It is our special way of saying welcome home!  We have found that it’s made a positive impression not only on our residents but also on people who are driving through our community looking for a new place to call home.”

Way to go, kids! We’ll have your desks ready for you…in a few years!