Touchdown for Team Minnesota! For the third consecutive year, the division held their annual Scoring Smiles Campaign, partnering with NFL wide receiver Adam Theielen, of the Minnesota Vikings, and his Thielen Foundation to benefit the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

The team raised a whopping total of $25,000 for the children’s hospital. These funds will renovate three waiting areas on various floors of the Behavioral and Mental Health Unit. To give you an idea of how the campaign has grown over the years, the first year the team hosted a toy and game drive, donating roughly $3,000 worth of items to the hospital. In its second year, the total was closer to $6,000.

Introducing digital fundraising for this year, the division matched all contributions up to $5,000. Additionally, one of our development partners, Ryan Companies, has a program called RyanGivesBack, where they select employees and trade partners to award donations to causes of their choosing. Another one of our landscaping partners, Midwest Landscaping, was selected this year and awarded the $10,000 donation to the Scoring Smiles campaign.

With a celebration at our Minnesota office, our team proudly presented the award check to the Thielen Foundation. Adam also brought several pieces of signed memorabilia for our employees, including an autographed jersey for the office. Division President Jamie Tharp led a Q+A for about 45 minutes that included questions surrounding the foundation’s mission, mental health and wellness, and a few football questions, of course!

Go Minnesota! What a win!