Top Color Trends

Layered neutrals meet vibrant accents in the top color trends for spring.

1. Taupe Tones
Taking a detour from the popular gray palette, spring brings a warm transition with the addition of more brown-based tones.

2. Warm Whites
Defrost from winter with soft whites that are bright and crisp but add a touch of warmth and yield a multidimensional ability.

3. Variations of Green
On trend for spring, green serves as a warm grounding neutral, with added complexity, that makes for a versatile and serene look.

4. Blue Hues
Blue has been popular as an accent hue for the last few years, but this spring we will see the color transition into more of a neutral color in design. With its complexity and ability to play well with other colors, it is no wonder why interiors are starting to feel blue.

5. Onyx Elements
Gone are the days of shying away from daring dark colors. Onyx can be styled as bold or casual to bring high contrast and an elevated elegance to any space in the home. The color remains a timeless and beautiful go-to that will make a big wave in design this season.