Spring Home Design Trends

1. Light Wood Tones
Spring is bringing light wood tones to interiors for a brighter, more open-feel inside the home. Lighter wood grains can be dressed up for a classic upscale feel or down for a more comfortable and casual look. Incorporating these elements through cabinetry, flooring, and furniture selections is easy and trend forward.

2. Natural Materials
Raw materials and found objects are making their way into interior design and are more popular than ever. This season’s designs are inspired by soft, organic shapes displayed in furniture, accents, and art that stray away from hard, geometric designs that have been popular the past few years.

  • Natural stone features and geodes are adding bold points of interest in the form of coffee tables, sculptures, home accessories, and lighting. Petrified wood elements are also adding a unique visual impact to furniture pieces and accents inside the home.
  • Look out for leather, this trend is set to grow even more popular with design this year. With a wide range of colors from olive to saddle, chocolate to cool gray, leather adds warmth, texture and sheen to soft goods, tables, and art.
  • Faux animal hide rugs and textiles are making a soft, yet powerful, statement this season. The smooth subdued texture and visual movement makes hides perfect to add warmth and depth to any space.

3. Casually Modern Aesthetic
The modern approach to an overall clean interior is making a big impact within all design styles. Staying away from being deemed too “matchy-matchy”, this look resembles more of an eclectic feel. Interiors are streamlined and uncluttered, but do not sacrifice comfort and livability.