Pink. Not necessarily the color you’d attribute to home construction.

But when you think about the psychology of the color pink; it represents caring, compassion, nurturing and love. It is often associated with giving and receiving care.  It’s exactly what our field managers do every day when they inspect our consumers’ homes to ensure the quality.

The Pink Dot Build Quality Confirmation Process ensures that we are inspecting the overall quality of construction materials, installation and workmanship in all our homes. This process is utilized to confirm both BQE Checklists and PCS compliances are realized on every home by touching, feeling and marking items with a pink dot of paint to verify that both performance and aesthetic standards are realized in every home.

When an item is NOT correctly installed, we mark an “X” with the pink paint and provide a written description indicating the required correction and the home should NOT progress to the next stage until all items are compliant.

The Pink Dot Process originated in the Arizona Division, and is now implemented throughout the country, and is used throughout the Build Quality Experience.

“The job of a field manager is to build quality homes, on time and error-free,” says Will Cutler, senior vice president of homebuilding operations. “The Pink Dot Process provides a consistent home inspection process that is specific, rigid and very detailed-oriented. Our field managers are defect preventers and do a phenomenal job of ensuring a home is built with the highest quality.”