For the next 5 years, Harmon spent his summers traveling to state and county fairs. At 17, he took on his first challenge of running a stand without adult supervision. That summer, a total of 9 young boys between the ages of 15-19 from the same small farm town took off on a 3-month adventure of a lifetime. Imagine the stories that they can tell! In that same summer, Harmon negotiated a deal with a local Walmart store manager in Springfield, Illinois to sell corn dogs in their parking lot. He developed a business mindset at a very early age.

So what has Harmon learned from his humble beginnings as a “Carnie” to now “Chief Operating Officer”? “Do it right or don’t do it at all”. In the corndog business, you were the “first to open and the last to close, and it was very important to take care of the people who took care of you”, and these are mottos that he continues to live by.

In light of his recent retirement, home office celebrated 30 great years at Pulte. Harmon Smith ended his career the way he begun his career, one corndog at a time.