Happy New Year,

I can’t remember ever being so ready to move on to a new year. While I recognize that COVID-19 remains a dangerous part of our current environment, I want to believe that we’re in the final stages of this devastating pandemic.

Before we officially close the books on 2020, I want to offer a final round of applause for your outstanding work in the face of truly unprecedented conditions. When you pause to consider all that was accomplished this past year, it is truly impressive. Be it working remote, adapting to a PPE world, advancing our diversity and inclusion initiatives, or simply the effort needed to close over 24,000 homes, you have leaned-in to every challenge and found a way to succeed. Yet, maybe most inspiring isn’t how you have stepped up, but how you stood ready to support each other through some profoundly difficult times.

Now we look ahead to 2021, not with blind optimism, but with a sense of determination as we navigate the final hurdles to a life beyond COVID. With a sense of purpose, as we work to make our company and the communities around us more welcoming, where our differences are celebrated and make us stronger. And with a sense of pride for the work that we do building incredible places where people can live their dreams.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.