I like pens.  Or more specifically, I like pens that are easy to write with.  Over the years, I have tried a variety of designs including a couple of the expensive Montblancs that I received as gifts.

My current favorite, however, is a $1.50 Tül that I have permanently “borrowed” from Mom’s house the last time I took my boys to see Grandma. I just ordered 12 more from Amazon. It is a medium-point gel that makes writing effortless.

Why my fascination with pens?  I send a lot of handwritten notes. Yes, interspersed between the hundreds of emails and texts generated in any given week, are certain messages where I like the more personal nature of putting pen to paper and sending by regular mail.

While the words may be the same, except spell check doesn’t inadvertently change “manager” to “manger,” there is something different about an old fashioned, handwritten message. The joy that comes from opening a letter or card is just not quite the same as opening the 100th email of the day. I know I appreciate such communications, and I am always getting positive feedback from the recipients of these notes.

You may recall one of our PultePride videos showed a customer care manager’s personal notes to homebuyers had a positive impact on the customer experience.  It is a bit cliché, but little things can make a difference: my dog’s vet calls to check on Smokey after a visit; the dealership that washes the car after it has been serviced; or the barista who remembers my favorite coffee drink…clearly, too many lattes.  Small gestures that cost little, but can make a big difference in the customer’s perception.

Over the course of selling, building, delivering, and servicing a customer’s home, how many opportunities do we have to make the process a little more personal?  A note.  An unexpected update call.  Something special when the home is delivered.  Little things that tell our customers we appreciate the privilege of building their new home.

Time to share.  What little thing do you, your department, or your division do to make the process of buying a PulteGroup home a little more personal and a little more special?

Watch: Personal Touches: A Handwritten Note

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