Was it a little quiet in your offices a couple weeks ago? Well you can thank me since I borrowed your division president and others (along with Area and Home Office leadership) to attend our Annual Senior Leadership Meeting in Atlanta.

The enthusiasm in the meeting was outstanding and I walked away feeling incredibly energized about our team, our strategy and our work toward achieving our goals in 2017 and beyond. You’ll be hearing from your local leadership about some of the meeting’s key takeaways. But I wanted to share a couple thoughts with you.

I am pumped up!

There is no doubt that we have a winning team at PulteGroup. There were candid discussions about a variety of topics. Probably my favorite session was hearing from yourleadership about how their teams tackled what seemed like impossible issues, yet embraced the challenge and moved the business forward. I could hear the passion and their pride as they spoke about their…your…achievements.

Here are a few examples to inspire you too:

  • Shifting our mindset and setting the tone for expectations in the Houston Division that now ranks 4th in the country in Home Complete.
  • Focusing on individual interactions, which, no matter how small, drive improvement in the Michigan Division, which moved from the bottom third in the country to 4thin Professional Service at 1 year.
  • Dreaming big but taking measured steps, the Northeast Corridor Division led the Company in Net Promoter Score in 2016 which was a tremendous turnaround from where they started.

Homebuilding is a complicated and complex business. When it comes to dealing with the issues and challenges that can develop — or that we sometimes create — often times we hear: “It can’t be done” or “It’s different in my neighborhood.” Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, what if you focus on one item in your community or jobsite each day for improvement? Imagine if you were able to move the needle just a little bit every day. Could we collectively get to 100% Home Complete or raise our customer scores at the one-year mark? I believe we can do it together.

Do you have any questions after hearing from your local leaders about the leadership meeting?  Haven’t heard from your local leaders, yet?  Feel free to ask me.