You can hear something a thousand times, and then, for whatever reason, you hear it again and it strikes a very different chord in your brain.  You know, when you pause for a second and cock your head to one side like a dog hearing a whistle, and you go…hmmmm.  The Marshall Family French Bulldog (Smokey) does this often when we talk to her. I am quite confident she does not understand much of anything, but she tries hard.

I have seen, heard and quoted PulteGroup’s vision statement…We Build Consumer Inspired Homes and Communities to Make Lives Better hundreds of times since it was rolled out in 2012, but it was recited in a recent meeting and it struck me, “What are we really trying to say and what does this mean?”  As a vision statement should be, it is big and aspirational and sees things on a grand scale.  But in the day-to-day activities, how does this translate into the job each of us does? I have thought about this a lot since that meeting, and wanted to share my answer to the question.

  • When you are inspired, you design better homes, build homes with “superior quality”
  • When you are inspired, you create and deliver a “great customer experience”
  • Building consumer inspired demands hiring talented people and creating an environment for them to thrive – simply said, “a great place to work”
  • Building consumer inspired requires infusing a passion for construction excellence with a commitment to delivering industry leading financial results

Everything starts with the customer, but we can only serve our homebuyers well if we hire great people and give them the tools to succeed.  And, we only get to do this over the long-term if we deliver results and create value.  I want us to build consumer inspired.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please feel free to share in the comments below.