Pulte Team,

One cannot look at the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and not be moved. The scale of need is so great, however, that figuring out how or where to help can be a challenge. We have determined that for us, it is best to begin at home by helping members of our Pulte family.

While we are fortunate that all of our Houston employees are safe, many have been directly impacted by the waters, which have flooded Houston and the surrounding areas. There are individuals within our Houston operations who have lost their homes, their cars, their possessions, and their sense of security.

We know from all the emails and phone calls that you, too, are looking for ways to help. To simplify the process, we have established a GoFundMe page through which we will collect donations to help PulteGroup employees in need of assistance. Your donation will help to rebuild a home, to replace a car, to buy clothes for going to school, or simply to put food on the table for dinner. Your donations will go directly to PulteGroup family members who need to rebuild their lives and who need assistance right now.

Our initial goal is to raise a total of $250,000. We hope to achieve this goal with $125,000 from employee contributions, which the Company will match dollar-for-dollar until we have met our goal  I believe this approach will enable us to quickly help PulteGroup employees working to put their lives back together.

We have been in contact with our Houston operations over the past week, and I can tell you that our division president Lindy Oliva and her team have done an amazing job leading through this ordeal. I know they could use all our support right now. I encourage you to give what you can and to share a note of encouragement for our Houston employees and all the people of Texas who have seen their worlds shattered by Harvey.

In times of need, the employees of PulteGroup have always demonstrated just how big a heart the organization has. On behalf of the senior leadership team, as well as our Houston division, I thank you for your compassion and willingness to support each other.