These words from his father inspired our founder Bill Pulte’s tremendous worsingle step, but rather put a ladder up and climb to the roof one rung at a time.”

We know Bill did more than just reach the roof.  After graduating high school he passed on college, choosing instead to personally build his first home and then selling it for $10,000. He’s a homebuilding icon with nearly 70 years of experience delivering the American dream. His tremendous passion for the industry, the company he founded and, of course, the people working at the Company today, is as strong as ever. And that has not gone unnoticed.

Bill was recently inducted into the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan (HBA) Hall of Fame. The recognition represents the highest honor the organization can bestow upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and devotion to their industry and community.

Bill’s vision and legacy in the industry is not lost on me. Every day coming into work, we are tasked with continuing what he started and advancing the company that carries his name. Our commitment to being consumer-inspired and delivering a quality product and homebuying experience is key. Our focus aligns perfectly with Bill’s desire to delight his customers…because a delighted customer will recommend you to others.

What we can also learn from Bill is his work ethic. He claims he’s “never worked a day in his life,” because he truly loved what he did. It’s a daily reminder to be passionate about your work and love what you do—when you put the ladder up and climb to the roof one rung at a time.

Congratulations to Bill on becoming a Hall of Famer. What a well-deserved honor.

Taking the lead from Bill—let’s learn from each other and grow our best practices together. Click here to read the awesome comments some of your teammates post in response to an earlier blog.   This type of great feedback from fellow employees can truly contribute to our ongoing success.

I’d love to know, who are some of your role models, in work or life? Do you have any inspiring or guiding words to remember, like Bill’s advice from his father? Please share in the comments here.