If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of my divisional townhall meetings, some those who have worked at PulteGroup for a few years, you’ll appreciate that these are different from the critical priorities that were established as part of our value creation work. It has been almost a decade since value creation was first initiated. Our organization has evolved, as has the competitive landscape in which we operate, so it’s important that our focus evolves and expands as well.

You will see that I believe employees are our top priority. While there are many who say the customer must always be first, I believe that if our people are excited to be here and empowered to succeed, our customers will be well cared for.

For those divisions that I don’t get to visit until later in the year, I will be providing additional thoughts on each of the four Goals & Priorities in upcoming posts. Click here for my favorite biscuit recipe and share your feedback on our goals and priorities (or just to share your best biscuit recipe) in the comments below.