Southern California is considered one of the bright spots in our organization, performing in the top percentile in nearly every metric on build quality and voice of the customer. The Construction and Customer Care teams were kind enough to spend a few hours of their day sharing ideas, best practices and insights into what makes their division perform at such a high level. Hopefully you’re able to gain some best practices – or reach out to them to learn more.

1. Straight Talk. Getting things done is a lot easier when you can communicate openly. Mark Rodenborn tells us how “straight talk” helps the Southern California Division achieve its goals.

2. Bright Spots & Rock Stars. Retaining talent is easy when you recognize employees for their achievements. In this PultePride Podcast, Mike Durham talks about SoCal’s field performance meetings where they acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond and done an awesome job.

3. Build Quality Field Manager. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Build Quality Field Manager? Listen to what Jorde Camp has to say.

4. All-Star Cards. With the Division’s huge geographic footprint posing a challenge for the Customer Care team to be at every Build Quality Experience milestone event, they came up with the idea of All-Star Cards

5. Home Complete Certificates. At every closing, the Division provides homebuyers with a Home Complete Certificate and takes a photograph of them holding the certificate. Both the field manager and the homebuyer signs the certificate, which looks similar to a diploma. Not only does it create a focal point of achievement, but it also works as a visual aid to set expectations, create a positive experience and reinforce facts about the overall quality of the home. Read more about the Home Complete Certificate here