I recently attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our Altus at the Quarter community in Atlanta. Built in coordination with Georgia Power (GP), Altus is a unique Smart Community, providing incredible technology that advances the livability, economy and sustainability of our homes.

Altus’s location meant it was going to be successful with or without the advanced technology, but making it a Smart Community provided important educational opportunities. With Altus, we increase our knowledge of the costs and challenges of building higher-performing homes and neighborhoods. We get tremendous customer feedback as to which features are most important in their buying process. And we get two years of data on homeowner usage and overall energy performance of these homes.

When people talk about technology, I tend to think about speed and moving faster, but homebuilding demands taking a long-term view of the business. If you have heard my townhall presentation, you know that having “foresight for the future” is one of the four priorities I discuss. Being involved in projects like Altus is a perfect example of having such a view. It will take some number of years, but I believe the future has us delivering the features and capabilities of such smart homes and communities as standard in every home we build. By doing this work on the front end, we help ensure that we remain smarter than the homes we build.

Check out this video to see what’s possible through Alexa. If you could have Alexa provide support on one aspect of your home life, what would it be?