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What 2019 Color Trends are You?


1) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
A. Relaxed
B. Outgoing
C. Resourceful
D. Nurturing
E. Intelligent

2) What’s your biggest weakness?
A. I often don’t go out of my comfort zones and take enough risks
B. I am too loud
C. I don’t do well under pressure
D. I often put others before myself
E. I am too critical for some

3) In my spare time you can find me _________.
A. Spending time with my loved ones
B. Hanging out at the newest spot in town with my friends
C. Hiking new trails
D. Cooking a new recipe for my family
E. Reading a new book

4) You just bought a new Pulte home! What is the first thing you do?
A. I plan to get all the furniture situated before planning any huge decorating plans
B. I cannot wait to paint the walls and mock the latest trends! Out with the in and in with the new!
C. I cannot wait to landscape the backyard!
D. I get my kids situated first and work on their room before beginning any big projects!
E. I have been planning this move for awhile. I have hired a moving company and painters. Everything is already in order

5) What piece of furniture would you be?
A. A comfy king sized bed
B. A TV that constantly entertains
C. A succulent adding some natural décor to the home
D. The oven serving up amazing meals
E. A desk that is there to help spark intelligent ideas



If you picked…

Mostly A’s: Taupe Tones

Taupe tones are big family people! They love spending time with those close to them and are constantly looking for contentment in their lives. They like routine and feeling secure in their daily life. They generally surround themselves with a few close friends who truly love them. However, sometimes taupe tones find that they are scared of going out of their comfort zones and taking risks. Overall, taupe tons are lovable creatures that love their lives and what they chose to surround them.

Mostly B’s: Warm Whites

Warm whites are the life of the party! They bring the “warmth” to any social situation and are generally big people persons. They love to socialize and are always down for a good time. Warm whites are dreamers who aren’t afraid to take the risks they need to in order to achieve great things. However, warm whites need to be careful of being too spontaneous and reaching for unattainable things. Overall, warm whites are social butterflies who are game for anything!

Mostly C’s: Variations of Greens

Variations of Greens are the mother natures of the group. They love spending time admiring nature and all things this world has to offer. They can be seen gardening or volunteering for trash clean ups around the community. Variations of greens are very active in their towns that sometime they spread themselves too thin and get stressed under pressure. Overall variations of greens are peaceful beings that enjoy spending time on this beautiful earth.

Mostly D’s: Blue Hues

Blue Hues are the care takers of the group. They are in touch with their feelings and always are there if you need a helping hand. They are nurturing to others and give great advice to those in need. Blue hues, however, sometimes forget to put their selves first. This can be detrimental to their own well-being. Nevertheless, blue hues make great companions that will last a life time!

Mostly E’s: Onyx Elements

Onyx elements are the brains of the group. They are intelligent and love critical thinking. Onxy elements are often the leaders of the group. They look at life with a realistic point of view and aren’t scared to express their own opinion to others. However, sometimes onyx can come off too critical or harsh to others. Nevertheless, onyx elements are smart beings that are ready to change the world!

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