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Homebuyers Can “Never Go Wrong” Working with Vanessa Chicles

We wanted to write to you about one of your sales professionals, Ms. Vanessa Chicles.  We are building a Pulte home in the Hawthorn neighborhood in Aurora, Ohio, where Ms. Chicles is our sales representative. Before deciding to build with Pulte, we did a lot of research.  We built a house with Pulte in 2000, and were familiar with Pulte’s reputation of being customer centered.  We visited the homes of friends in previous phases of Hawthorn and everyone commented on how knowledgeable, professional, and ethical Ms. Chicles was to work with.  Even our realtor, Ms. Mary Strimple with Howard Hanna, who is listing our current home, said that we could never go wrong with Ms. Chicles at our side.  She has made the process of building a new home simply delightful.  

Ms. Chicles is professional, courteous, and above all honest.  She truly makes us feel valued by listening to our concerns and answering our questions, even on her days off!  Gene is a Civil Engineer and designs subdivisions and commercial properties for a living.  Ms. Chicles is very thorough in her approach with us, understanding that when a customer is experienced in many aspects of the building process, details matter.  She also has a great way of calming nerves and reassuring her customers that Pulte is interested in building them their dream home.

In a world filled with negativity and complaints, we felt that it was important to thank you for valuing Ms. Chicles as a person and employee of Pulte.  She truly is a great example of why we continued to build with Pulte Homes.  We would appreciate you passing our email along to others at Pulte Homes to hear about Ms. Chicles great work.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Gene & Laura Arters

Hawthorn, Aurora



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  1. Vanessa,

    Thank you for being such a wonderful representative of our Company and for making the Customer Experience for Mr. and Mrs. Arters so positive. Mrs. Arters is right when she says that it is rare for these types of positive letters to be written. But, you have broken that mold and I am here to tell you how much I appreciate you taking care of our customers and making their experience memorable and wonderful. Take a bow – you deserve it!

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