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Cleveland’s Mary Spenthoff Gives Customers a “VIP Experience”

We want you to know about the exceptional way one of your employees is representing Pulte Group.  Her name is Ms. Mary Spenthoff, and she is the Vice President of Sales, Cleveland market.  We are interested in one of your future neighborhoods, Hawthorn of Aurora, and she has gone above and beyond what we would expect in responding to our questions and concerns.  Ms. Spenthoff’s responses are detailed, courteous, timely, and she always offers an invitation for follow up conversations. This particular community has generated a great deal of interest, and yet she has treated us as if we were her only customer.  Through Ms. Spenthoff’s interactions, we truly have felt like a VIP customer through the preliminary process.

In a technologically driven society where people are always willing to take time to write negative reviews, we wanted to do the opposite and express our deepest gratitude for valuing individuals, like Ms. Spenthoff that represent Pulte Group.  We also want to mention that we asked Ms. Spenthoff who we could contact to report her outstanding customer interactions, and she declined our request, saying “It’s my job!”  We found your contact information on our own.  If we move ahead with the building process in Hawthorn, this will be the second Pulte home we have built.  We are excited to begin the process!

Wishing you and everyone at Pulte a happy holiday season!

Gene and Laura Arters

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  1. Wow! What a great letter! Mr. and Mrs. Arters could not have summed it up any better…..customers do have choices and the way that we respond and treat them will absolutely impact where they choose to spend their money. Thanks for all that you are doing, Mary. Reading this note was definitely a great way to start off my Monday!

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