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Celebrating a Golden Anniversary with Pulte

John began his career with Pulte in 1967 in Arizona as a gardener on the common area landscape maintenance crews in Del Webb’s first Sun City.  The crews were responsible for maintaining the roadway and amenity landscaping in the community.  John was soon responsible for his own crew, then managing multiple crews, while accumulating 12 years of service keeping Sun City manicured and looking fantastic.

John later accepted a position maintaining the golf courses in Sun City and Sun City West for 8 years. As the company expanded further into Sun City West, his talents were needed in the Land Development Department where he was asked to manage crews responsible for installing sewer, water and utility lines for the new homes as the community grew.  John excavated and installed wet and dry utilities for thousands of our customers for 8 years.

Upon the commencement of land development of Sun City Grand, John was a key contributor to the first golf course and the three courses thereafter as the community expanded.  When not assisting on the golf course construction or utility installations, John became the “Jack of all trades” for the Land Department assisting on a wide scale of tasks during the 10 year life of the project.

As in the three previous Sun Cities, John took his talents to Sun City Festival in 2005 where he was integral in the start-up and now the ongoing development of this project.  In addition to his assistance with the new lot development, John continually manages the appearance of the community.  He’s been spotted recently trimming an overhanging limb or two along the marketing trail as he did in 1967.  John has been described as the Land Development Swiss Army Knife, he manages emergency spills, irrigation leaks, construction water ponds, street sweeping, dust control, road closures, customer service, etc. all for the betterment of the community and the daily satisfaction of our residents and prospective customers.  

What’s John’s secret to long term employment? He says: “Do your job the best you know how, don’t worry about what others are doing, and ignore other workplace distractions.”

Thank you to John for all that you do!

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