A Very Heartfelt Thank You!

This is perhaps a bit delayed in its delivery,  but nonetheless it is something I very much am compelled to say…

Words cannot do justice to describe how extraordinary this group/company/division/family truly is!

In the wake of hurricane Harvey it was (and still is from time to time) a very stressful endeavor to put all the pieces back together.  My initial feeling was that I was very fortunate to not have suffered as much of a loss as I have seen with other families here in Houston and throughout everything, the goal was to remain in a positive mental state.

Being the lucky guy that I am, I work for a group that you needn’t look far to find the inspiration for that positivity. I can honestly say I have never been part of an organization that takes to looking after their employees quite as much as Pulte has.  It truly was a WOW moment for me to fully grasp onto!

If I may, I’d like to share a bit of my own personal testimony…

Growing up from humble roots with, for many years, a single parent background,  finances was something always at the forefront of my upbringing.  This anxiety is a bad habit I picked up and carried with me for a time, until one day I had to make a choice.  Either let go of it–or let the pressure consume me as I had seen and experienced with my parents before. One or the other.

From that day forward I vowed to trust in my faith to carry me through any obstacles (financial or otherwise) that may come to pass.  That no matter what happened, I would be ok and would be given the strength to see it through.

What has taken place here at Pulte has reaffirmed me in this vow I took many years ago to seek shelter in my faith, even if I’m looking head on into a storm of epic proportions. For this, you have my most sincere gratitude, heartfelt appreciation and admiration!

I could not be more blessed to work for such an outstanding company!

Kindest Regards, 😊

Derrick Dugan, PulteMortgage

Mortgage Financing Advisor, Production Manager

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