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A Note from Houston: Thank You

Dear Pulte Group Family,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude towards your relentless care and support during these tough times as my family and I rebuild our home and seek to get “back to normal” as soon as possible. The truth is, the “normal” that I know will never be the same. This challenge has tested many of us in ways we’ve never been tested and while times may be tough, I look forward to the strength & closeness that my family and I will gain from having gone through it. Rest assured, it will not be because we did it alone, but because of all the love and support from friends, family, and our Pulte family.

I have been a part of the PulteGroup organization for 13 years straight out of college. Therefore, it’s all I really know in regards to a career; however, there is a big reason for that. Since day one I was inspired by PulteGroup and the foundation that the organization was built on and its ability to sustain the culture for so long. Based off of what I know and have heard outside of PulteGroup, there’s never been any secret that PulteGroup is a great organization. This reputation stems from basing all decisions off of doing the right thing, having leadership that carries our values and beliefs firmly all the way from the CEO to the field operations, standing for excellence, leading the industry in quality and being consumer inspired, just to name a few.

That being said, over the last several weeks, I have witnessed our already great organization go to new heights. From the day our home was flooded out to today, the amount of support that I have received from this team has been immeasurable. The support has come in so many different ways as well. For example, within a couple of days following the flood, my fellow teammates Peter Jehnke & Shane Clark were here to assist in the demolition process. When I was not able to contribute to the immediate business recovery efforts from a Resource Planning stand-point, one of my employees, Chris Krout, stepped up to assist me by taking on tasks that I would have been handling. Chris’ efforts allowed me to focus more on my family and getting our home livable again as quickly as possible. The number of calls and text messages of Pulte teammates reaching out to help was overwhelming, something I have never experienced before. During the days following the flood, I had personal calls from my DP Lindy Oliva, VP of Construction Gustavo Viecco, DP Lee Darnold & DOC Matt Newkham from San Antonio, ACM Gary Davis & RPM Greg Olaniyan from Dallas, my RP team here in Houston and many more that I have likely failed to mention.

Their words of encouragement went a long way. After all the caring support, this just further validated what I have always known to be true about the culture of PulteGroup. However, I couldn’t fathom what was about to come next.

As if this support wasn’t enough already, I was once again completely blown away the evening that Lindy called me to tell me that Pulte will be putting more money into my account to assist in out of pocket costs associated with the storm. These funds came from the money raised through the GoFundMe Campaign established to support Houston employees impacted by Hurricane Harvey. People that don’t even know me made a sacrifice to help my family and I! Therefore, words cannot describe how grateful my family & I are of this support and to be a part of this organization. For 13 years God has afforded me the opportunity to be where I am today and to be a part of something truly special. We talk all the time about PulteGroup and how great of a culture we are, well this storm just brought out the best of who we are and proved to everyone that we are who we say we are and much, much more.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough. Because of the love I have experienced from my Pulte Family, my “back to normal” is forever changed.


Scott Call, Houston Division

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