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A Boy Named Whiskey

Jameson’s love for Pulte began over three years ago at the age of 9. His family rented a house in the Trillium community outside of Tampa, Florida. New floor plans were being built at the time and he became very interested in the houses. He learned details about each floor plan, from the square footage to option offerings.  He walked the homes daily, and joked that he would rather see the houses than go to Disney World.

He loved visiting the Pulte sales office and checking out the cabinet, granite and floor samples. He eventually met Trillium Sales Counselor Amanda Piersiak and they immediately hit it off with Jameson helping her in the office.

Over the years his fascination for Pulte only grew. His family would drive him to nearby towns just to walk through other Pulte models. In his spare time, he drew Pulte houses, built Pulte houses with Lego bricks, and even virtually constructed the entire Trillium development in his Minecraft game.

His family had never thought of building a house until they witnessed his love and interest of Pulte homes.  In August of 2016, Jameson’s dream of building his own Pulte home came true. After years of watching other homes being built, he was beyond thrilled to watch his own. He was involved in each step of the process, helping his parents design the house and even talking them into options they did not consider.

Living in Trillium made it convenient for him to see his house in each stage of the building process. Wearing his Pulte hard hat, he would walk through the house every day and developed a great relationship with the project managers who nicknamed him “Whiskey.” In December of 2016, just three days after his 13th birthday, his family closed on the house. He stated, “It was the best birthday present ever!”

There are still several houses being built around his new home, and he still wears his hard hat and walks through them daily. When asked what he will do when there are no more homes being built to walk through, he says he wants to move to another development and have another Pulte home built.

Now that’s a Pulte raving fan!!

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