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Shirley Anderson’s “Cheerful, ‘Can Do’ Attitude” Earns Her a Raving Fan

This letter commends one of your outstanding employees, Shirley Anderson. We have worked closely with Shirley in the past several weeks. She has been professional and extremely responsive during a very inconvenient and difficult situation. Her cheerful, “can do” attitude made her presence charming and delightful while she imparted a sense confidence to us that she would get to the bottom of the situation and make everything right again.

Some time in mid February (on a Wednesday evening), we noticed water damage on the ceiling in the kitchen of our condo. We placed a call to Pulte first thing the next morning and notified our upstairs neighbor that we had contacted Pulte and suspected there was a leak coming from her condo. We were unavailable the next day, but early on Friday morning, Shirley arrived at our door. She was friendly, outgoing, and genuinely apologetic for the situation in our condo.

Shirley exhibited a very positive attitude, was open and transparent with us, and assured us that Pulte would get to the bottom of the leak. Shirley explained that fixing leaks was generally easy; however, finding the source of the leak was more of a challenge. Subsequently, the workmen cut a hole in our kitchen ceiling and began the process of drying out the water damage so they could more easily search for the source of the leak.

Also, on Friday morning, Shirley made contact with the neighbor in the unit above us and requested that she cease from using the washing machine over the weekend (it was fairly obvious that the leak was in the laundry room above us). By Monday morning, the area was dry and when the washing machine in the condo above us was turned on, it was quite easy to see the leak and the area that would require repair.

Over the weekend, we had also noticed that some of dry wall behind our washer and dryer looked compromised. Shirley had our washer and dryer removed from the laundry room, cut a hole in the ceiling of the laundry room, pulled up the floor covering, and tested the floor for moisture. Unfortunately the under flooring had also been compromised. This presented a much more involved and lengthy repair.

The bottom line is that the entire process took approximately 3 weeks to complete. During the entire time, Shirley was very forthcoming, kept us informed of every step in the process, called to let us know approximately what time people would be coming and going, and stayed with the workmen while they were here in our condo.

In short, while we experienced a less than desirable situation, it was made palatable because of Shirley Anderson. Her dedication to her job, the compassion she shows to her clients/Pulte customers, the demonstration of her knowledge on the job, and her expertise and ease interacting with a variety of workmen during the difficult situation we faced, must be commended. She is an asset to your office and to the Pulte Corporation.


Jack and Sheila

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  1. And that’s why we love Shirley Anderson!! Nice Job Shirley. You set an example for all of us to follow.

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