Pulte’s Social Media Takes Home “Best in Real Estate” Shorty Award

Buying a new home is among the most significant moments in anyone’s life. In 2016, Pulte’s objective was to extend its relationship with homebuyers beyond signing the dotted line, and to create a space on social where fans could feel at home for years to come. Pulte wanted to create a social community that represented their brand promise of building high-quality homes, providing stellar service and always putting the buyer first. The social community would be a place where new homebuyers could dream about their future home, and a place where seasoned Pulte consumers could continue to be inspired.

“We really focused on the importance of building this online community to drive positive brand sentiment and on developing a dedicated fanbase where everyone could come together and engage with our content and with one another about everything from their excitement about building a home with Pulte to our stunning interior designs,” said Diahann Young, Director of Digital Platforms and Innovation. “Winning this award for all of our hard work is a huge honor.”

Read more about the objectives, strategies and results that earned our social media team the award!

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