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The Field Manager Mentorship Program

Chris Walton, our National Homebuilding Operations Trainer, wrote in his recent blog that “mentoring is in our DNA at PulteGroup.” Chris leads the Field Manager Mentorship program, which is a four day workshop in which field managers learn what it takes to be a successful mentor.  The program began in 2014 and in that time 132 field managers have gone through the program.  We currently have 65 active Field Manager Mentors in the company (the others have been promoted out of that role).  Candidates for Field Manager Mentors are high performing Field Manager II or III who are nominated by the Divisional Operations committee and exhibit a passion for training others.

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In this video, Chris, along with Dave Salzman from the Georgia Division, and Larry Fowler from the Pacific Northwest talk about why the program is so important to Pulte’s success.

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