Pulte Construction Standards

Tips for Ladder Safety

The What

Never use the top step of the A-frame ladder. Also, use non-metal ladders for electrical installation.

All ladders’ shoes (bottom) must be level and properly positioned and any defective ladders must be immediately removed from the job site.

The Why

With A-frame ladders, it is important to make sure the very top of the ladder is not being used as a standing surface. This is labeled on the ladder as well. A taller ladder may be necessary for use when needing to reach higher areas.

Using non-metal ladders for electrical installation should go without saying, but is still something to check. Metal is obviously a conductive material, which is why it shouldn’t be used when working on the home’s electrical components.

On the job site, ladder shoes should be on the workers’ ladders, which ensures stability. Ladders should also be standing on the ground and not on a rock or something less stable.

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