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Not Just for Baseball: Southern California Creates its own All-Star Cards

Goal: Connecting homebuyers with the Customer Care Team
Challenge: A huge geographic footprint that is literally a 4-6 hour drive (without traffic) end-to-end.
Solution: Customer Service All-Star Cards

With the Division’s huge geographic footprint posing a challenge for the Customer Care team to be at every Build Quality Experience milestone events, the Southern California division team of Shawn Ballard and Stacey Machado in customer care, and Dan Waddell knew they had to think outside of the box.

“We were talking about how to give homeowners access to the customer care team before they close. So the idea of a Customer Service ‘All Star Card’ came to light,” says Shawn Ballard, senior customer care manager for the Division. The field manager hands the card to homebuyers if the customer care representative is not able to be there in person. “It allows the homeowner to get to know their customer care representative before they ever meet them. It sets up the relationship to be personal as well as helpful.”

The All-Star Card functions much like a baseball card, featuring a photo of the customer care team member on the front, and fun facts and personal information on the back. To create a personal connection, information such as years of service, first car, favorite quote, favorite part about their job, and more are included.

“While it creates an instant personal connection, the main goal is to create a way for the homeowner to always know how they can get hold of us,” says Ballard, who has held customer care and construction roles with the Company for 11 years. “The transition to post close has been something we’ve discussed for a long time.  This is a small step to improve that process, and has had a big effect on our homeowners.”

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