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The Importance of Thermal Walls

The What

All insulation installed in exterior walls and unconditioned spaces are even and uninterrupted.

The insulation completely fills the wall cavity from top to bottom with no gaps.

The Why

The picture shows insulation installed on an exterior wall with no breaks in the insulation. Having gaps in the insulation can cause cold spots and drafts from the outside which reduce the heating and cooling efficiency of the house. This will cost the homeowner higher utility bills in the long run.

You can also see in the picture that the batt insulation is flush to the top and bottom plates, as well as to each stud bay. With 16 on center stud spacing, the pieces of insulation are factory made to fit snug within the stud bay. When the stud bay is smaller, the installer has to cut the insulation batt to size. Monitoring this during installation will ensure that the fill in pieces were not cut too small so as to not fill the entire space. This again ensures that the homeowner will have a house that is able to be heated and cooled as efficiently as possible.

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