Pulte Construction Standards

Properly Installing HouseWrap

The What

The HouseWrap installer should hold the fasteners (plastic cap nails or plastic cap staples) 4” away from the sides and 12” away from the top of openings to leave room for flashing. Openings include the window and door areas of the exterior walls.

The picture shows the plastic cap nails being held 4-6” away from the window opening which allowed for the window flashing tape to be installed properly. You can also see how the HouseWrap is wrapped around the window opening into the interior of the house where it is also nailed to the studs.

The Why

If the button cap was in the same area as the window flashing tape, it would create voids in the flashing tape which could cause water leaks down the road. And water leaks can lead to costly warranty repairs and major inconveniences to homeowners! In order for the window flashing to be installed properly with no voids in it, the button cap nails or staples must be installed outside of where the flashing tape is to be installed.

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