Customer Care

Introducing Customer Care

What’s the first name that comes to mind when you think of a company that provides an exceptional customer experience? Apple? Starbucks? Maybe it’s Amazon. Is it Pulte?

We want Pulte to be the first name that comes to our customers’ minds when thinking of companies with world class customer service. Our Customer Quality Experience (CQE) survey results, NPS scores and employee responses have been telling us that we can do better in serving our customers. So how do we get there?

First we have to take a holistic approach to assisting our customers; we must provide all-encompassing customer care.  We are rebranding our Customer Service function to Customer Care in order to reflect our new approach to managing the customer experience. Customer care takes the service function and expands it; it includes all the policies and practices necessary to deliver a high quality customer experience.

The word “care” implies a more personal experience. It means going the extra mile for the customer because it’s the right thing to do. Customer care might begin before a buyer ever enters a sales office and continues through every interaction the customer has with PulteGroup throughout their warranty period.  Everyone in the organization, from finance to warranty, influences our homeowners’ experience and plays a part in their overall satisfaction.

It isn’t limited to simply fixing a leaky pipe or replacing a defective appliance when the customer calls.

Implementing Customer Care

One of the biggest opportunities we see to improve the customer experience is after they close the home. To improve the customer experience, we are focused on changes both during the build process and after closing.  Some key changes will include:

  • Targeting 100% Home Complete at Confirmation
  • Transitioning the home to the Customer Care Coordinator at Closing
  • Providing access to request service through phone, email and Owner’s Entry
  • Implementing a same day response timeframe and an average 7 day cycle time to close a service request

Through these enhanced customer care processes, we can provide the kind of world class customer experience that will put Pulte alongside names like Apple and Starbucks.

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