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Illinois Field Manager Gives that Plus One

Featuring Dave Mihalik

Chicago winters can be brutal.

In 2015, -30 temperatures was a common occurrence. Closing homes can be a challenge for homebuilders in this environment, and Pulte is no exception.

But what about our customers? They are moving into their homes in the middle of the school year, schlepping boots and winter coats, trucking in snow, and also dirt since sod has yet to be installed. What about their pets, especially dogs? All the mud and walks outside?

That got Illinois Division Field Manager Dave Mihalik thinking. One of his homeowner’s was closing on their home in February – no landscaping would be done until spring time. He knew all about the Smith family*: two kids, two dogs. So he had the landscaper install erosion control blanket so that their beloved Fidos would have a place to do his duty.

This kind of story is just one example of how our field and customer care teams are going above and beyond. They are looking to deliver not only what’s expected by our customers, but also that plus one percent more.

Watch the video to see how our teams are giving that Plus One effort.

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*Family name changed for privacy.

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